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You have data. We have experts who can analyze, interpret, and transform your raw numbers into insights that will help you rock your business goals.

Our team

Hollis Nolan


Alex Scammon


Marcus Rabe headshot

Marcus Rabe


Mike Tamir


Tommy Aldo Sonin Headshot

Tommy Aldo Sonin

VP of Infrastructure

Deziree Bautista headshot

Deziree Bautista

VP of Finance

Jessica Behrmann headshot

Jessica Behrmann

Director of Human Resources

Marvin Bertin headshot

Marvin Bertin

Principal Data Scientist

Tim Boudreau headshot

Tim Boudreau

Principal Open Source Technologist

Maile Cupo headshot

Maile Cupo

Data Scientist

Jenny Han headshot

Jenny Han

Software Engineer

Mike Mansour headshot

Mike Mansour

Senior Data Scientist

Caterina Rindi headshot

Caterina Rindi

Director of Community and Developer Relations

Damian Sol

Director of Marketing

Grant Thiltgen

Data Scientist

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