[Part 2 of 5] What do Pythons and Pandas Have to Do With Data?

Our COO, Marcus Rabe, is on a bit of an adventure: he’s teaching a 6-week post-graduate course at Hult International Business School in Boston, entitled Computational Analytics with Python. One of his lectures is titled, Data Lives in a Zoo: A Story of Pythons, Pandas and Other Creatures.

You might be asking, what do Pythons and Pandas have to do with data? Both Python and Pandas are open-source software tools used to perform data analytics, which in turn allows companies to solve all kinds of business problems. Data analytics helps companies make their operations more efficient, improve their customer service, improve their decision-making, and make their marketing more effective. These tools are key parts of that effort, helping solve business problems by enabling a data analyst to:

  • Read in data
  • Clean data
  • Analyze and model data
  • Interpret the Results
  • Communicate the results

The data analysts and scientists at Insight Softmax use Python and Pandas every day to solve complex business problems. There are so many applications for these tools: Designing a system for a major car manufacturer to optimize electric vehicle battery charging, helping a grocery store chain optimize routes for their semi trucks to avoid polluting already-marginalized neighborhoods, or allowing a supply chain client to recover millions of dollars in lost revenue by more accurately modeling demand from their customers. We depend on these tools to help our clients solve their most challenging business problems.

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