We help organizations in a wide array of industries solve their business-critical problems with state-of-the-art Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and Quantum solutions.


Not content to merely help companies employ the latest Data Science tools, we contribute directly to the tools themselves, by writing the open source code that powers many of the most advanced Data Science tools in the industry today. Helping others improves the entire Data Science ecosystem while keeping us at the forefront of technology and our clients at the top of their industries.


From custom GIS route-mapping to infrastructure that next-gen vehicles depend upon, we work with consumer and commercial clients to build location-aware analysis, proactive fleet management, predictive maintenance and driver scoring solutions.


From building new customer product recommendations to keeping current customers engaged, we treat every customer like the unique individual they are. This level of attention gives our clients an essential advantage in their market.

Gaming and Ticketing

Whether implementing LSTM models for ticketing arbitrage or driving higher engagement via personalization of a gamified mobile app, Insight Softmax helps companies capture unrealized revenue in these competitive industries.


The future of manufacturing lies in AI and Machine Learning. Our past projects range from analyzing and forecasting vehicle fleet energy usage, to real-time monitoring of factory energy costs.


Quantum computing is a new frontier in computer science and is pushing our understanding of the very fabric of the universe. As early adopters of Amazon Braket’s IonQ, D-Wave and Rigetti offerings, we are already among the top consumers of their service. With Braket as the basis for our world-class research and experimentation in high-performance computing, we are pioneers in applying quantum realizations to as-yet-unsolved real-world problems.

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