Connecting the dots: How engineer Filip Novović uses Infrastructure as Code to solve real-world business problems

For Filip Novović, cloud infrastructure engineer at Insight Softmax, delving into complex topics and studying academic theories with his coworkers is something he loves about working at the data science company. But what’s even better is taking those ideas and using them to solve real-world business problems for clients.

Connecting the dots

Since joining ISC in April 2022, Filip’s role is to build the pipelines and infrastructure that support cloud-based client solutions. While moving to the cloud is not a new concept, many organizations are still in the process of making the transition. To ensure that customers migrate efficiently from on-premises to the cloud, Filip uses Infrastructure as Code, automating repetitive tasks like managing infrastructure and provisioning resources.

Cloud-based services allow companies to streamline operations and save money on equipment and overhead costs, but it’s only possible to realize the full value if the right puzzle pieces are in place. That’s where Filip comes in.

Understanding the full library of cloud-based products and services, and especially knowing which ones will work best together to solve a particular challenge, is where the magic lies. The right setup on the back end serves as the backbone for everything else to come.

Once the infrastructure is in place, the data scientists at ISC can begin their work. “I provide them with the structure to do their thing,” he said.

Experience with innovation

Filip earned his master’s degree at the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and soon after landed his first job as a software engineer. He earned some early experience in the AI/ML field at Bosch, which grew into a love for innovation that he carries with him to this day

“I had the opportunity to use data science and machine learning to work on infrastructure while I was there,” he said. “It prepared me to see the bigger picture, to connect the dots… to create something new.”

A look toward the future

Filip has seen the infrastructure side of technology evolve from manual builds that were tedious and temperamental toward today’s Infrastructure as Code, which is centralized for easier deployment across various environments. He’s seen companies go from large-scale data centers to cloud-based solutions and back again.

Current debate centers a lot around microservices vs. serverless architecture. His team talks a lot about generative AI, as well as high-performance computing and quantum mechanics. And the topics will continue to evolve, but Filip said it’s also important to keep an eye on the big picture.

Tools are developing rapidly, he said, but it’s important to find balance between what’s new and what’s tried-and-true. “At ISC, we’re flexible in trying new things so we can drive innovation. But we’re also building stable infrastructure.”

At the end of the day, Filip appreciates that ISC’s bottom line is finding solutions for real-world business problems. “Everything that I do is used in a real environment,” he said. “That’s something I really value about working at ISC.”

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